Jewerly and Watches Worldwide

Giacobazzi Gioielli was born in the 70s, in the city center of Bologna, thanks to the passion of Mr. Franco Giacobazzi for precious stones.
The attention to details has led to work with the best brands to ensure a high quality and refined product. We have a wide range of jewelry, either gold or silver, the best brands.
We can create handmade jewelry on customer demand, satisfying every kind of request.
Thanks to his son Marco Giacobazzi, the store has evolved in watchmaking starting to collaborate with prestigious brands. Giacobazzi Gioielli always points higher in the watch industry by working with the best brands.
Style and sophistication distinguish us to provide exclusive products.
We are chosen by important customers who understand the value in terms of class and who want to stand over time.
Our choices are always oriented in terms of quality and style for demanding customers.